That Time when we visited Barbados & Antigua……

Facebook Memories; I have a love hate relationship with these notifications and my favorite ones are the ones which remind me of my good trips.

Today I got some lovely snaps from last year’s trip to Barbados and Antigua with a cheeky stop over to London because it would be rude not to! lol  (Me & the love for that city)
We flew with the sexy “Virgin Airlines” to cross the Atlantic. Back then my friend Pamela used to work for them so we got to use her perks. It was one of those spare of the moment trips where my other travel buddy joined last minute. Loved every minute but swore that ill only go back if I’m hitched up. I never say it but the Caribbean islands attract a lot of honeymooners and it is the only time I wanted to have a partner with me (lol)…. Touchdown back in London and that feeling quickly vanished. We spent a week and I’m happy to share with you my favorite spots and things to do.

We stayed at Antigua Seaview hotel which is minutes away from the beach & the famous Sandals resort. For more info & reservations visit


Flew on a cute propeller plane from the official Caribbean Airline fleet namely which took me back to my days working with Flybe in Scotland where I got to know Pamela 10 years ago! MY GOD Time does fly. I will write about my nice relocation to the highland soon.


The first thing I noticed which I thought was cute…… A big welcome poster from Rhi Rhi who in my opinion represents the hospitable culture pretty well.


A party is known as a ‘lime’ to Bajan people and the best place to experience one is at Oistins Fish Fry which is held every Friday and Saturday. This fish market in Christchurch is where fishermen bring in the local catch by day, and where a party atmosphere kicks off by night. There’s Calypso music and dancing on stage, stalls selling arts and crafts and traditional Bajan BBQ food being sold in stalls. You would think that a party girl like me would have preferred the bars but to the contrary of what my friends think, this was the best experience in Barbados by night! Locals often then head to the nearby St Lawrence Gap afterwards, home to plenty of clubs and bars but I went home so I could enjoy an early start . Carry on reading to see why….


Here’s the reason why I had an early night! I wanted to swim with the turtles & let the mermaid in me float around them. Even though i live on an island myself I find that I am deprived from this back home and there’s nothing better than getting in touch with nature!


Below is a pic of Peter high on life coming off the boat trip on the coast and our swim with the turtles. Can it get more blue than this?! A manifestation of beautiful shades of blue mixed with white sanded paradise beaches. I promise NO FILTERS were used!!! An absolute dream.


Love how camp this country is! Even their food is colorful. This was my favorite fish and its called “Mahi Mahi”


I have always been a sucker for sunsets so here’s one of the many ones in my album. This photo screams out beauty! Pure bliss & relaxation, perfect for the me time I love so much. This was last January, that time of the year where I reflect on past mistakes & how my new year can be improved. I just sit there and plan my travels, and believe me this view was an inspiration to many goals achieved in 2016.


The East Coast is famous for being a surfer’s heaven and home to many surfing championships. So if you’re turned on by huge waves, head to northern Bathsheba – home to the famous reef break known as the Soup Bowl.


If you are a beer lover like me, have a few rums by night and sip on an ice cold Banks by day!


For a glimpse of colonial history, why not visit some of the few remaining Great Houses on the island. Sunbury Plantation House in the tranquil St Philip countryside offers tours of its antique-filled rooms and unique collection of horse-drawn carriages. I found it a bit creepy and downstairs looks like Mr. Grey’s red room but I also loved the vast collection of cameras. That was probably my favorite room in the house.


And finally, I’m including this pic from the Hills on the East Coast simply because I like it. Live Authentic! Travel authentic & make friends with locals.


For a good laugh, have a look at our Holiday videos.
Edits & Concepts are by Peter who works in media so he always surprises us with these random moments captured. He’s got an eye for these little details I don’t notice. I remember getting a bit emotional when I saw this particular video – Getting teary is kinda the norm for Glitz when suffering from holiday blues! lol

Visit:  (tissues please!)

Follow his adventures on

As you can see from the pics above, the colors on this side of the world are quite something. Even the Barbados flag represents happiness & joy! Blue is for sky & seas whilst the gold bit is for their sand! LOVE IT! A bit like the flag of Argentina which I will also write about that too soon!




  1. Great post and lovely photos. I’m big on travel memories and a number of my posts are exactly that. Was in Barbados during a cruise and was totally taken in by the whole Caribbean lifestyle. Written some on the blog about it so do have a look. All the best on your future travels.

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  2. I love Barbados. I’ve been 10 times, and in 2015, I had the opportunity to live there for 6 months. In fact, I started my blog to document those months. I love going back and reading about my adventures and looking at the pictures. They always put a smile on my face.

    I haven’t been to Antigua yet, but I may have to check it out!


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