15 signs you have turned oh so international. 

It’s one of those rare rainy days in Malta so I got writing on my journal which led to this post. Expats & travelers are likely to relate to today’s thoughts & here’s a few.

You know you have turned international when….

  • You know the luggage size restrictions of every airline.

  • You measure life by countries not years.

  • You turned into a story teller. Some appreciate your stories others don’t as they can’t relate so you learn when to shut up.

  • No therapist needed, google & a credit card will do

  • You have more ex-cities than ex-boyfriends.

  • Would rather see the world than be trapped in an office.

  • My comfort zone is out of my zone.

  • Experience & Memories make you happier than things.

  • You miss traditional food from more than one country.

  • You have friends quite literally in every continent & you never say goodbye but see you again!

  • Home is not where you grew up but where you left your heart.

  • Your friends ask “Where are you?!” not “How are you?!”

  • You feel that you belong everywhere and nowhere.

  • You can sleep anywhere & adapt easily.

  • You speak more than 1 language fluently (in my case 5 -#proudmoment) & find yourself switching accents when speaking to different nationalities.

Can you relate? Let me know!


  1. Yep, that’s me. 😛

    I could add a few.

    – I know airlines, their hubs and connections better than travel agents
    – I can tell by the airport code where you are coming from without using google
    And people don’t just ask “where are you now off to? They ask “where are you off to and where did you just come back from?”


      • Quebec is brilliant! I spend most of my time in Montreal as I am attending school in that area but I have gone further out into the country and it is really an amazing place to be. The culture is rich, art is prized, there are so many ethnicities in Montreal and so many different types of food to try. On top of this, I can practise my French!

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