Single Ladies’ guide to Valentine’s Day

Reading my many pending messages from #whatsapp group chats has become a morning ritual & I was quickly reminded that it’s Valentine’s Day – A holiday that’s either loved or despised by any given person.

I ain’t a hater nor a fan, thing is that with all the political / religious hatred  I read online on a daily basis it’s nice to see that there are few romantics still left out there. Celebrating love is always nice. What I do not like is too much info of what’s going on every hour of the day…. seriously…. enjoy your loved one there’s no need to prove it to the virtual world! Usually that’s a sign of insecurity but then again I ain’t an expert! One pic is enough and i’ll probably like or click the love heart icon too.

I’ve spent the last 4 of my Valentine’s Days as a single girl because either cupid keeps getting it wrong or I just fall for the wrong ones! The older I get the more complicated I get and I ain’t settling for anything less than what I wish for. Valentine’s day does not phase me in the least, most of the time I have been away on holiday at this time of the year. To be honest with you the only thing that is bothering me today is that I’m not on holiday somewhere exotic and had to work!!! Then along came one of my colleagues who got us a sweet treat and even though I am currently detoxing for my #roadtospring  it made me smile.  She’s also wearing a tee-shirt with a sequinned heart  on her front and it defo brought a smile.


We all love the idea of love, and it’s sometimes hard to be happy for two people who share something that we want nothing more than to experience for ourselves, but it’s all in how we look at it.

I am lucky with friends, some don’t even know the meaning of knowing people for more than half their lives. My new additions, Terri & Georgia are both from the UK and single – I adore them and tonight they organised a girly dinner at their new home. There is no other way I would wish for tonight rather than chilling with them in my pj’s and listening to good music. Unfortunately our other common friend Susanne from Sweden can’t make it but has been treating me to her delicious raw juice all day! That’s what I call true love hahaha

Take note guys……

juicing  2.png

I love the vibe that can be felt on Valentine’s Day. You can actually feel the love in the air throughout the day – so what the hell……  go with the flow!!!  Send messages to those who make a difference in your life and show appreciation! Spread Love all around

Much love to all…… xoxo


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